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You can download multiple lists at once by selecting them.

Saved lists

List Number

Press the button below to download the obsverations as a csv (excel) or geojons (gis) file.



Login credentials

Please fill in your login credentials for &


Species selection

Settings for species field on add page, changes will be saved immediately.

Do not show:

Location & map

Display coordinates as: Remove or add saved map files with the button below.
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Auto upload

Upload new observations automatically on save.

Auto upload sends your observation to observado/waarneming and not to sovon.

Choose the website(s) you want to send your data to and press upload to send new observations to the portal website mentiod above.

Look for more detailed help with illustrations at


Depedent on your platform is webobs available as app or website. The website works on:
  • Blackberry 6+
  • iPhone 4+
  • Android 2.2+ (chrome, default browser, firefox or opera)
  • Firefox OS
  • Windows phone 8 (ie10+)
It may also work on some other devices (e.g. with a browser based on Webkit).

First usage

When you visit the site for the first time and you're using a supported browser / phone you will be redirected to the setup page. Here you can enter language and other settings. You can also enter your login information for if you want to upload to If you then press menu and select species lists. You can choose to species lists to save on your phone. These species lists are necessary for species to choose from when entering species.

Tips & tricks


Android users can use obsmapp. Iphone users should add the webapp to their home screen. Firefox users should see a question about installing webobs when they visit it.

Set default behaviour and activity for each species group

Store the map area shown below for the folowing zoom level & layer: